Hypercomf, 18 to 19 (Infinite Ponytail) 3
Hypercomf, 18 to 19

Δέκα οκτώ (Deca-octo / Eighteen) is a short film starring a rescued Eurasian collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto). The name of the species is based on the birds call which sounds like “deca octo” (Eighteen in Greek). Many myths have aimed at explaining the birds call. One of them is the story of a servant complaining that for all his hard work he was only being payed eighteen pieces a year, whom the gods transformed into a bird, ever since mournfully repeating the word “eighteen”. The film challenges the parallel roles of hunter and hunted fighting to survive in the modern economic landscape, as well as the locality and universality of human thought; the brain-comforting sessions provided by internet and technology going hand in hand with psychological vulnerability. The image of a fragile dove, threatened by its natural enemies, and the satisfied purr of its hunter; the nourishing life-giving human body exposed in a space, brimful of snakes; fertility and over-population; the comfort of our local earthly importance, and the discomfort of our universal triviality.

The infinite ponytail of an infinite head. The primal digital sentience feeds emotional triggers, immaterially born, objectively learning, and immaterially dying. Wide consensus and common sense makes the metamorphosis of a network to a nurturing, knowledgeable entity imperative. The receptiveness of this simulated emotional spectrum, can be the cure for any indomitable knot in the hair or stomach. 


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