Nicolas Kozakis & Raoul Vaneigem

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The question “What kind of world are we going to leave behind for our children?” deserves better than drum rolls of indignation.

It is hardly consistent to promote the right-mindedness of good intentions, while doing nothing to confront the monsters of everyday violence, which will surely silence such bleating in short order.


There are many who vituperate against the prevailing barbarity and absurdity instead of laying the groundwork for a society freed at last from commercial relationships and financial totalitarianism. But while a civilization that combines technological development with human underdevelopment is agonizing amidst mud and blood, new values are emerging and replacing the old. I have begun to strongly feel this new current, which is arousing not only my children and grandchildren but also a large and growing number of young people. It brings a will to establish truly human values –solidarity, creativity, generosity, science, reinvented love, an alliance with nature, and a festive approach to life– all utterly opposed to the patriarchal values of authority, sacrifice, work, guilt, servility, corruption, competition and repressive desublimation, which are essentially founded on predation, money, power and that separation from oneself that is the source of fear, hate, and contempt for others. Below the radar of the media –which in any case make it their business to ignore it– a living society is secretly under construction, beneath the savagery and the ruins of the Old World. It is well worth showing how this activity manifests itself and how it is going to proceed.

Nicolas Kozakis and Raoul Vaneigem

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