Andrigo & Aliprandi, Silence, AND SILENCE

Andrigo & Aliprandi, Silence, AND SILENCE
October  24
Andrigo &  Aliprandi        
Silence, AND SILENCE *   
MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts [Warehouse B1 - Port] 
21:00 - 22:00
The collective performance Silence, and silence is a performative act to investigate the dichotomy between decision-action, intuition-reaction. The body-instrument is treated as a vehicle to explore and define the relation to itself and to others, as well as the internal balance between the beginning-development-conclusion of each action. Through physical and concrete practices we aim to co-create a space-time map where collaborators are encouraged to deepen to the concept of responsibility: to frankly respond to the role of self, to the Ego in its leap over the ego to meet the Ego as an opportunity for change, critical action and responsibility. The idea of this project is intended to foster coherence and intuition, which serve as essential tools to creatively generate reactions and responses to events.

*Collective performance. Participants were selected through an open call. The preparation took place in October 21-24, 2019. 


24|10|2019 - 24|10|2019

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ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020

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