Dimitris Zouroudis


The common thread in the work of Dimitris Zouroudis is neither form, nor style or his perception of space, but rather his consistent investigation of alternative artistic practices, in the pursuit of crafting and disseminating his message. He often creates modular compositions, arranged on wide surfaces, creating narrative events, in which discourse is either naturally immanent or presented in symbolic forms and special codes that turn it into imagery.

In some cases, symbols can be traced to easily identifiable cultural and religious traditions, but even then, their treatment by the artist and, primarily, their spatial arrangement encourage the viewer to wonder what one is seeing. Without being guided to any specific viewpoint or violent invalidation of his/her deep beliefs, the spectator is still incited by the movement of the body and the application of a critical perspective to find his/her own orientation and attempt his/her personal synthesis of the components presented as ‘“fundamental’” and nonnegotiable elements of identity, such as ethnicity or religion.

In this new work, commissioned by the 7th Biennale, the action concludes before the audience, with the appearance of performers who embroider the images and unite the threads connecting the canvasses, without rescinding their mobility. The frames featuring the images of military saints become embroidered surfaces, with the embroidery serving as a performance of energy and complementarity exchange. In this way, the images are released from enchainment to hieratic stillness, activating new conceptual pathways, that allow us to reconsider the ways in which we assimilate or dismiss what is alien to all that we consider familiar and our own.

Syrago Tsiara

12|10|2019 - 16|02|2020
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