Diohandi, Untitled, 1981
Diohandi, Untitled, 1981 2

Overtime, in all her visual installations, in her large- and small-scale, geometric-shape creations, Diohandi intervenes and tests the limitations of space and of our own gaze. She is unquestionably one of the most prominent Greek women artists, having turned to minimalism and site-specific art in the 1970s.

In her 1981 installation Untitled, she creates a multiple visual field, a geometric viewing framework of multiple levels and points. The installation does not simply coexist with, but also stages, the other artworks exhibited in the same space, and is conceptualized by the audience moving inside it. It challenges the visual perception of the viewer, giving him the opportunity to choose and decide on the perspective through which he/she is to live his/her experience. Essentially, the installation inevitably also turns the viewer's eye inwards: it encourages reflection on his choice of viewpoint, perspective and field of vision.

One could call the installation multi-contextual: it can work in any space or time, in different contexts and settings, creating each time new relationships of viewing and interpretation. Its main constant, however, is the fact that it can define our position and field of vision in space. The work, donated by Diohandi to the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in 2007, is now part of the MOMus permanent collections.

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