Gustav Klutsis


Principles of NOT (Principles for the Scientific Organization of Labor)
A wheel with a manifest: a circular structure that reveals the expectations of a past, different, but not in the least outdated era (the 1920s), of the Scientific Organization of Labor. Some of the notable additions in the text* –penciled by pioneering constructivist artist Gustav Klutsis on the draft of the Principles of NOT, prescribing the achievement of labor productivity and industrial development– are the ones revealing the interest of Bolsheviks in the ideas of Henry Ford and Frederick Winslow Taylor, as well as the fact that several of those principles are currently applied in modern marketing techniques.

Areti Leopoulou

*fully listed below
Source: Anna Kafetsi (ed.) (1995). Εxhibition catalogue Russian Avant-Garde 1910-1930 / The G. Costakis Collection. Athens: National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum, pp. 530-531.

ADVERTISING [u.r., outer circle to inner]: Pyrotechnics, electrification, power engineering / Tents, airplanes, airships, anchored balloons, signal indicators / Mobile poster, projected announcements, equipment / Rotating, lifting, and sound-effects equipment/ Automobiles, steamships, people, bicycles, motorcycles, trams / Tags, labels, wrappers, stamps appropriately organized in ceramics / Advertisement, poster, and visual projection / Standard advertising / Transport advertising / Work in industry itself.

DAILY LIFE [l.r., outer circle to inner]: Diagrams, shop-windows, kiosks, organization of exhibition materials / Rostrums, banners, slogans, colors, posters, leaflets / People's universities open to the public / Industrial, specialist, sport, hygiene / Exhibition, public or party, trade union, production reports / Public places, streets, city squares, Soviet republics, worldwide / Alphabet books / Clothing, badges / House equipment, exhibitions, periodicals / Revolutionary festivals, spectacles (especially) / Photography, cinematography, illustrated alphabet.

AGITATIONAL PROPAGANDA [u.l., outer circle to inner]: Rostrums, squares, organization of public places. Streets, city and station squares, and standard festival equipment / Cinema, pyrotechnics / Revolutionary holidays, Congress, Parties, progress. Conferences. Cartoons on political themes, mannequins / Typography, montage, mixed montage (typography), photo, lithography / Projection lights, changing slogans, electric installations, pyrotechnics / Poster, caricature, cartoon, leaflets, newspaper, book cover, illustration/ Agitational spectacle, demonstration / Photomontage, typographical montage / Color, light, and sound-effect equipment/ Agitational posters, periodicals.

ENTERTAINMENT [l.l., outer circle to inner]: Decoration, lighting, model, theatrical costumes / Theatrical stuns, sideshows, sound-effect display / Newsreels and formation of public opinion on future events of the day / All our ideas in historical perspective / Means of production of an actor, theatrical production / So-called actor is a production worker of speech, the so-called theater is a living newspaper with the day's events and / Theater in historical perspective / Circus, theatrical stunts, cinema / Square, street, factory / Abolition of the theater as an independent form of art.

Art Co. Ltd. (The George Costakis Collection)
Provenance: Acquired from the artst's wife V.I. Kulagina.
Exhibitions: New York 1981; Art into Life. Russian Constructivism 1914-1932, Henry Art Gallery 1990, p. 122 Kassel 1991, No.IV.5

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