Irene Pätzug & Valentin Hertweck


Irene Pätzug and Valentin Hertweck have been collaborating since 2012, often creating large-scale installations, that deal with issues of spatial experience and perception. They take everyday items such as chairs, tables, curtains, walls, doors, or tablecloths, and reconfigure their normal function using improvised, simple mechanisms or technical alterations, which sometimes appear to be "random". Their works fully converse with the architecture of the spaces they are installed in: employing kinetic elements in specific sites, they are defined by their performative character to such a degree, that one could argue that they reside at the borders separating kinetic art, sculpture and performance.

However, this atypical performance does not involve their own body, but primarily the "body" of the work itself. Inspection flap is a curtain, which follows a specific, predetermined course, thanks to a rail suspended from the roof. The curtain becomes a kind of performer, a dancer of sorts, who moves around visitors and the works of other artists.

The kinetic nature of this work accentuates the sensory dimension of art enjoyment; creates different levels and viewpoints; alters and stratifies space; animates it and reveals its dynamic nature through its inherent multiple optics. These are the optics that ever visitor/viewer is invited to not merely see, but actively experience.

This work, being a part of a wider strategy of dealing with space, the gaze, artworks and bodies, reconfigures the viewing experience of visitors in the exhibition site, while also serving as a comment on the automatism of art and daily life: in a playful spirit, by interrupting the typical, constant flow of space and our experience inside it, it converts social, functional and cultural standards, and it restores the relationship between manual labor and technology, architecture and art, redesigning new functionalities.

Thouli Misirloglou

12|10|2019 - 16|02|2020
Tue-Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00, Thu 10:00-22:00 Monday closed
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