Jakob Gautel & Iason Karaindros

Jakob Gautel και Iason Karaidros

”An angel passes by” – this French phrase (“un ange passe”) not only encapsulates, but also literally materializes the function and conceptual background of the Angel detector, whose lamp lights up every time it detects an angel. Actually, it lights up whenever it detects the absence of auditory signals, because, according to the French saying, it is then that “an angel passes by”, enabling the emergence of (platonic) love between two people – or between them and the passing angel.

Gautel & Karaïndros’ artwork reacts to the environment every time there are moments of silence in people’s interactions – pauses that accentuate a conversation; their electrical sculpture lights up only when absolute silence prevails, like a lighthouse in the auditory ocean.

Silence and pauses, two rather elusive conditions in contemporary reality, naturally define a state of calmness; but sometimes also create moments of awkwardness and unease. Thanks to the lyrical approach of Gautel & Karaïndros, we realize that they can also present an opportunity for a deep breath; for silent reflection; for the calmness of listening; for the moment when one can just “stop and think”, pause and give breathing room to one’s other senses, to enjoy the aural vacuum in space and time.

Areti Leopoulou

12|10|2019 - 16|02|2020
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