Maria Loizidou


The "contemplative handcrafts" created by Maria Loizidou, these handwoven textiles made of stainless-steel mesh, have the form of a sculpture, of a suspended surface or installation, engaging in conversation both with the space serving as their temporary abode and with the people wandering inside them. The core of the work is the stich, that basic gesture of joining two threads, allowing for multiple loops to be attached to the first one, thereby creating a perforated surface in two or three dimensions – a narrative field.

The handwoven textile does not just entail the stories of the people, places, and moments it represents; above all, it encapsulates, embraces, and reveals the fleeting companionship of the hands that joined powers to create a work of art and share their own stories, perhaps to be relieved of the agonies of the soul and exchange bodily joys and yearnings. Therefore, quintessentially, these contemplative handcrafts represent physical labor, dedication, the desire of coexistence and interaction.

Which is why, in her latest series of works, Genesis is presented in the form of a naked body, protected and exposed inside its cocoon. This represents the evolution of the artist's systematic and long-term research on the material, on weaving techniques and on the texture of memory, which, in her recent works, has found expression through photography. Since the creation of her sculpture of a lace-knitting woman being born out of her own handiwork (La Dantelliere, 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale, 2009), the artist has been engaged in a transition to two-dimensional sculptures, exemplified in this series of photographs that is introduced to the audience at the 7th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art. The common element between them is the energy being transformed into matter, before being re-dispersed through space and human relations, creating an enclave of gentle coexistence.

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