Tania Tsiridou

Tania Tsiridou, Unpredictable Wind Trajectories, 2018
Tania Tsiridou, Unpredictable Wind Trajectories, 2018 2

A sphere moves in a circumscribed space in the shape of an octagon. A frame, from which dense, thin fibers are hanging, is poised at the center of the octagon, forming a semi-transparent suspended square. The sphere, in its constant omnidirectional movement, is hindered by the limit that stops it and forces it to change course. When the moving sphere enters the space demarcated by the suspended square, it touches and inflates the hanging fibers. Letters and numbers are projected on a large screen. They represent the names of faraway points of the globe, and the speed and direction of the winds blowing in each one of them. These winds are behind the sphere's endless movement.

This installation investigates movement and its limitations, the concepts of non-foreseeability and control, as well as the relationship between (non-material) movement and matter, at different density levels. The installation is characterized by its neutral, geometric shapes, but mostly by the unfolding action: the unforeseeable movement hindered by the external limit and the touching with the suspended square inside the octagon. The projection of the locations and the live flow of data about the winds that incite the movement of the sphere serve to expose what exists behind every work, using new media: the digit. It reveals the intention to denude the aesthetic dimension, in which form (matter) coexists with the amorphous dimension of the fleeting flow of data that spur and feed the system. Therefore, in the installation titled Unforeseen Wind flows, the rationality that lies at the core of every digital application coexists with the latter's aestheticization. Live data are the impersonal descriptors of reality. In this installation, they become a visible part of the composition. The matter, volume and movement of the sphere materialize the data before the eyes of the audience.

What is attempted here is the fusion of nature's dynamic with technology, while the internet is perceived as a structure of dominance and control of the natural forces, but also as a tool that allows the expansion of the human sensory organs.

Tania Tsiridou

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