Zois Loumakis


In mathematics, homeomorphism is the continuous deformation of space into new shapes with no discontinuities or disconnections. In the audiovisual composition created by Zois Loumakis, the transmutations of virtual space are constant. It is a work that arouses the senses and affects the perception of viewers immediately upon entering the room and standing before the video-installation. The installation has been created by software, developed by the artist himself, while images and sounds interact in real time. The generative and reflective algorithms operate simultaneously in random reproduction, redefining the digital space depicted each time. Although the algorithms are programed to operate in real time, in this work only their visual manifestation is presented.

These constant transitions from one space to the next reformulate new spatial realities, the intention here being to create a sense of uncertainty about what we are seeing. Abstract images, emanating from the same starting points, create new, self-perpetuating topologies. These points –which are completely random, but also completely real– are pixels moving through space. In this way, the representations depicted also construct the corresponding narration through constant transitions: a virtual universe is transformed into a tree, the tree is transformed into something else, and so forth. Loumakis sets out to discover the experience the subject-viewer has, before cognition and feelings are triggered, at the stage of the original perception, before the mind becomes conscious of the stimulus. Essentially, the question this work raises is the following: is what we experience in the contemporary digital era a virtual reality or a real visuality?

Panagis Koutsokostas

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