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Helene Black
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To reprocess colonialism we need to look to the future, to explore the events of the past in order to question the present within the current global discussion about ethnic identity, colonial history, racial discrimination and the demise of our environment. What have we forgotten to remember investigates the idea of the contemporary environment as it has been formed by history. The subject matter of this film focuses on the impact of copper and pyrite mining in Cyprus, exploring not just the political significance and environmental destruction in relation to the value of nature and its commodification, but also the role and precarity of labor, especially during Cyprus' colonial past and its aftermath. We have forgotten that we have the responsibility to be the custodians and protectors of nature for future generations. We have forgotten that without nature, there is no life. This film also considers the new articulation of the commons against its government endorsed corporate usurpation. As such, the rethinking of ecology, activism, eco-aesthetics and the politicization of art are also central concerns resonating Felix Guattari's view that we "need new social and aesthetic practices, new practices of the self in relation to the other..." (Guattari Felix [2000]. The Three Ecologies. Ian Pindar and Paul Sutton [transl]. London: Athlone, p. 68.)

Helene Black

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