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micha cárdenas is an artist and theorist who investigates issues related to nationality, social class, gender and hybrid identities, using altered and multiple realities and digital interfaces. The use of technology in her work reveals how natural human boundaries are redefined, while also debunking the stereotypical limitations of the social dichotomies separating the natural from the artificial, the self from the other.

Sin Sol, Prototype is an augmented reality game that invites users to reflect on matters related to climate change and how this phenomenon disproportionately affects migrants, transgender people, the disabled and individuals from marginalized communities. Consistent with cárdenas' work, in which poetry is a medium that allows the experimental fusion of personal and collective narratives, emotions, and thoughts, in Sin Sol, Prototype the audience experience a story, the narration of which develops through a poetic type of discourse, the backdrop being a wildfire that has been caused by the universal and possibly irreversible damage caused by climate change.

The narrator is Aura, a "trans latinx AI" hologram, and the story follows multiple timelines. Aura is living in the future and is describing a past environmental catastrophe that occurred in 2018 (i.e. in our present time). Aura's dog, Roja, guides the person interacting with the work, as the latter tries to escape the ravaging fires, seeking out oxygen capsules containing poetry. The background of the installation depicts a terrifying landscape, a nightmarish future in which ecological annihilation is the result of human violence against the planet, against the species itself. The iPads that contribute to the project's interactive character are operated by a special application, revealing a new level, which blurs the distinction between physical and digital reality, while serving as a tool that allows the user to emerge into an alternate reality, into an alternate self, also leading him/her to investigate a different, novel condition, one of an essentially "split subjectivity".

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12|10|2019 - 16|02|2020
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