"I regard all of my works as living beings. Bioism or biofuturism represents my attempt to create new forms and a new aesthetics of the future organic life. Bioism is a way to develop artworks which express visual possibilities of synthetic biology".

Aljoscha's work organically blends science and philosophy, based on technologically modified human intelligence. Scientific developments in the fields of natural science, information technology and genetics open up new, hopeful prospects, while simultaneously generating ambiguity concerning their uses and potential consequences on humanity's future. Although the attainment of happiness is a constant pursuit of the human species, even this pursuit is reshaped today by virtue of the questions surrounding the role of technology.

All these issues are extremely important to Aljoscha and define the content of his artistic research. He believes that our era demands the invention of new expressive means. Through systematic research, he has been led to the creation of biomorphic acrylic sculptures, which expand in space, with the intention of peacefully conquering it and transforming it into a dreamy hybrid. Aljoscha designs installations for emblematic spaces. Colorful cellular structures, neuron synapses and planetary constellations "colonize" churches, museum and art centers in Europe, and are now also transforming the Thessaloniki Concert Hall into a workshop where the utopian sculpture of the future is being forged.

Syrago Tsiara


Special thanks to:

Tsogidis Nikolaos
Christina Arampatzi
Ilias Mavrovas
Alexandros Donopoulos
Maria Rodokalaki
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