Nicolas Kozakis & Raoul Vaneigem


Desire everything, expect nothing is a sculpture/refuge, a nomad shack, installed in a natural environment, inviting us to discover –from the inside and in a panoramic view– a chosen landscape in perpetual change, according to the hours and the seasons. This work could be placed in an urban context, in a public square or on the platform of a building. Its configuration in the shape of a slightly inclined dome or a crude steel bosom and its ellipsoidal base invite us to spend a moment of tranquility and encounter with the elements that surround us.

The idea of the work is to put us, in the absence of any external agitation, in a dialogue with the landscape, with the thought, as expressed by Raoul Vaneigem: “Desire everything, expect nothing. This aphorism sprang out of a reflection, where, asking myself about the fragility of our undertakings and our disillusioned hopes, I understood that to formulate a wish in terms of success and failure is to enter into the arena of competition and rivalry; to be crushed by economic mechanisms that prevent man and woman from developing as human beings and make them regress at a semi-bestial predator stage. To be human is to privilege desire; not calculation and strategy. To wait for a desire to be fulfilled, in order to provide proof of its effectiveness, is to empty it of its substance and turn it into an instrument. It's amazing to notice that when a desire arises from the passion for living –and in no case from the demand of possession and power– it's more often fulfilled when one doesn't expect it, when one lets it follow its own course. By dint of letting me be led by these seemingly insignificant words, they ended up resonating in me and slowly ripening into an authentic way of life.”

Nicolas Kozakis and Raoul Vaneigem

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