micha cárdenas, Sin Sol, Breathe

micha cárdenas, Sin Sol, Breathe
micha cárdenas
Sin Sol, Breathe                                              
ΜΟMus-Thessaloniki Museum of Photography [Warehouse A’- Port]
20.00 – 20.30

am here,
to tell you
how the sky died,
how those who traveled across borders and
built homes here
could only run to the ocean, for fear of the cops at the shelters

In the performance of "Sin Sol, Breathe", micha cárdenas will perform poems and dance movements from her forthcoming augmented reality game, Sin Sol / No Sun. The poems combine glitch and narrative to imagine a trans Latinx AI named Aura, who breaks out of her programming to tell the audience how she survived wildfires. Combining reflections on gender, climate change and disability, the poems are situated in a future in which climate change has worsened, more people are forced to migrate, and they are met with violence. The poems center on one trans woman's experience of climate induced wildfires, asthma, and the multispecies connection with her dog that allowed her to "stay with the trouble" of the traumatic feelings brought up by the climate event. The performance will take place inside the augmented reality installation, where viewers can interact with a virtual embodiment of Aura. What will our AI remember of us, after we've burned down our cities?


Funding Authority

ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020

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