Stelarc, ‘Meat, metal, code: The cavader, the comatose and the chimera

Stelarc, ‘Meat, metal, code: The cavader, the...
Stelarc, ‘Meat, metal, code: The cavader, the comatose and the chimera
MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art-Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and State Museum of Contemporary Art collections
The body has become a contemporary chimera of meat, metal and code. The dead, the near-dead, the not yet born, the partially living and artificial life exist in proximity to other living bodies, microbes, machines and viral code. And cryogenically preserved bodies await reanimation at some imagined future. This is an age of the cadaver, the comatose and the chimera. We increasingly navigate from nano-scales to virtual non-places. The traumatized body inhabits proliferating spaces of abstraction, anxiety and ambivalence and needs to remain indifferent and open to unexpected possibilities. A present that is always contingent and contestable. What it means to be human is perhaps not to remain human at all.  Alter the architecture of the body and you adjust its operation and awareness. The body is no longer merely an object of desire, but rather an object that requires redesigning. In states of liminality, the body becomes something other. 
The speech will be held in English, no interpretation. Supported by 54th Dimitria Festival / City of Thessaloniki


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